This is classic Oakville Cabernet. You could put this in a Somm exam it is so perfect. This is what you get when you have excellent fruit and a great winemaker. 

The tannin is balanced, the structure is refined, the mouthfeel is soft with spice, dark berries and a kiss of oak. 

This wine was aged in 50% new, 50% once used French oak barrels for 22 months. 

100 cases produced. 

2018 Cobden Wini Cabernet Sauvignon, Old Federal Vineyard, Oakville


Since 2017, Cobden Wini has sourced Cabernet Sauvignon from the Old Federal Vineyard in the Oakville AVA in Napa Valley. The Old Federal Vineyard is a historic part of Napa vineyard history as well as grapegowing history in general. Located within the original To-Kalon vineyard site just off Oakville Grade, it was initially used for rootstock testing by H.W Crabb, the original owner of the To-Kolan site. In 1922, this 20 acre section of the To-Kolan vineyard was purchased by the USDA to continue research on rootstocks and grapevines, hence the name “Old Federal Vineyard”. Today the site is owned by UC Davis and some experimentation is still done in parts of the vineyard, but luckily for us, a portion of the fruit is still farmed for wine production and yields fruit that is dense and complex and reminds us why Oakville is considered one of the greatest locations for growing Cabernet in the world.

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