A classic Carneros Pinot Noir. This wine shows hibscus, fennel, sage, and strawberry. There is a pretty mouthfeel and the little bit of age on it has everything fully integrated. 

I would eat pair this with salmon or pork any day. Also pairs with Netflix or a good book, in case you are wondering. 

This wine was aged for 11 months in neutral French oak. 

2018 Ricci Three Lions Pinot Noir


The soil at Ricci is predominantly Haire Clay Loam. 

Dale – “My father and brother used to farm the Filippini ranch in 1940. They gave out the option to purchase it and Wes Haire’s dad bought it, it was 1500 acres. When the Soil Conservation Service came through to identify the soils they tested the soil by the northeast corner of the watering trough. It was Haire property so it is Haire Clay. If we had bought it, it would have been Ricci Clay Loam.”

The name and label for this Pinot Noir is after the three lions that sit overlooking the family pond, and because it is a blend of 3 clones.

Dale also said it is also somewhat of a clapback to some of the more obtrusive statues their neighbor has erected over the years. I like that.


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