YUM! This wine can be served chilled, iced, or normal red temp and it is delicious any way you slice it. 

There is huge strawberry on the nose, black peppercorn, white peppercorn, bramble, mushroom, green plum, pluot, green olive… I can go on and on. 

This wine was fermented in two lots- one was whole cluster which accounts for 40% of the wine. Both lots were allowed to ferment naturally and aged in neutral French oak for 10 months. No fining no filtering. 

2019 Halcyon Cabernet Franc, California


This wine comes from two vineyards – one in Contra Costa County, a region known for its sandy soils,  and the other in El Dorado County -both beloved by winemakers for their abundance of old vine, ownrooted fruit,

Compos Vineyard is an organic vineyard with sandy loam soils in Contra Costa County, the county directly east of San Francisco. It is at the entrance of the Sacramento Delta and was one of the first areas planted in California.

The other vineyard is Camino Alta, which is a huge and super famous vineyard in El Dorado County. It sits high in the Sierras at around 2900 feet elevation and has rocky red volcanic soils. Ron Mansfield farms this vineyard and is kind of a legend among winemakers for his quality fruit and generally being awesome.

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