This is a fun and layered wine with all kinds of fruit up front – blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, you name it – but then there is this great line of earth running through it. Like if you made a piece of toast with blackberry jam and you put the umami powder from Trader Joe’s on it. You could serve this with a chill, or not. You can have this with food, or not. Either way, you are going to want another bottle. 

This fruit was fully destemmed and enjoyed about 10 days on the skins with regular punch downs. All native ferments. Unfined, unfiltered. Aged in neutral French Oak. 

72 cases produced. 

2019 Post & Vine Carignane


“2019 was the first year I started working with any other vineyard besides the Testa vineyard. I started with the Sandy Lane vineyard, because I wanted to learn more about Carignan in particular, and how it reacts in different regions and different growing areas. I found this vineyard and in 2019, made both rosé and red wine from it. 

I was looking around Contra Costa and I actually saw an ad. I reached out to the owner and then went to visit the site and I saw the sand- it’s like walking on a beach. I saw the vines and I felt like I really want to play with this interesting area. Contra Costa means “opposite coast” so it is the other coast from San Francisco. Hence the sand. And there is salinity in the wine. There is saltwater spray and brackish water out there. 

It is hot during the day and then they get this wind tunnel coming straight from San Joaquin. You get those mitigating effects. For me as a Napa Valley person it is shockingly early ripening fruit.  

This vineyard is pretty autopilot. I’ll go down a couple times. They don’t really do anything. They might spray sulfur but that’s about it. They don’t do crop adjustment. The vines know what they are doing.”


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