Cameron says he makes this wine for people who hate Chardonnay, but I beg to differ. I love Chardonnay, and I love this wine so much. It is at once big, rich, and textural but with this really great mineral line in it that results in this perfect sense of balance.

I get hazelnut, lemon, tangerine toffee, and steel. It is texturally viscous and still bright and full of energy and life. 

This wine is barrel fermented and aged in 56% stainless, 22% new oak, and 22% neutral oak for 10 months.

4 barrels made.

2019 Ultima Tulie Chardonnay


Ok, so I don’t quite know how to impress upon you what a big deal it is to get a tiny little one ton lot from an iconic vineyard like Bien Nacido, but it is a REALLY big deal.

Bien Nacido was planted in 1973 by Bob and Steve Miller to commemorate their families 100 year history in California. Their goal was to plant a vineyard that would be acknowledged as one of the most elite vineyards in the world. Meaning “well born” in Spanish, Bien Nacido is a combination of high elevation, cool climate, and marine influence. The soils are predominately sandy loam, chalk, gravely loam and marine loam. Sitting in Santa Maria valley in the Santa Barbara AVA of California’s Central Coast, the 2000 acre estate boasts 900 planted acres of mostly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay- some of the most coveted fruit in America.

The vineyard has become famous through partnering with quality wine brands like Au Bon Climat, Qupé, MacRostie, Sanguis,  and Bedrock Wine Co., just to name a few. In fact, Bien Nacido has the most single vineyard designations in the world.

The vineyard has also operated as a nursery, and is one of the few places in the world that still has it’s original, ungrafted blocks of Chardonnay and Pinot.

Another big tidbit that has put this vineyard on the map is that they are impeccably farmed, and they farm each block to the specifications of the winemaker who gets the block. They charge by the block, not by the ton- so if a winemaker wants to drop a bunch of fruit or beef up tonnage that is their call. The price remains the same. Most contracts are designated by tonnage, so the more fruit a grower produces, the more the farm makes. Bien Nacidos coveted contracts are by block and location and are a set price.

So the fruit is not cheap, but the fruit is amazing. Any time you see Bien Nacido on a bottle, you can be pretty dang sure the wine is going to be great because 100% the fruit started out as some of the best in the country.

Well hello there.