Approachable and delicious with flavors running the gamut from juicy to spicy. Medium body with mid level tannins make this a wine that is totally chugable and delicious. We have been drinking this every night lately. 

This wine was lightly foot tread and aged for 10 months in neutral French oak. Only 90 cases produced. 

2020 Dogwood & Thistle Carignan, Testa Vineyard


The vines in the Testa Vineyard are 80-90 years old, dry farmed, and look like trees. It is a very cool vineyard owned by people with a long history of throwing really excellent parties. The family came from Italy in 1912 and is still farming and partying today.

While Carignan is noted as being a medium bodied wine, it is also known as a food wine and this is no exception. One of the typical flavor descriptors of Carignan is “umami” – making it a balance of all things wonderful on your palate.

Well hello there.