“Bright, and youthful, refreshing strawberry, raspberry, violets and hints of grapefruit come across the nose and palate. Smooth tannins and good acidity lead to a long finish. Fear not with finding the appropriate match, This is an incredibly versatile wine. Grenache pairs perfectly with roasted, grilled, stewed and braised meats like beef, veal, pork, chicken wild game, and of course PIZZA. Don’t hold back on the herbs, a low-alcohol Grenache like this pairs beautifully with herb-heavy affairs as well as many ethnic foods and cheeses. For those on a diet, serve chilled and pair with a date or a hot day on the patio.”

This wine has about 10% whole cluster inclusion, was allowed to ferment naturally and aged in neutral french oak for 7 months. Bottled unfiltered.  125 cases produced. 

2021 Gondak Cellars Grenache


What I go for with Grenache is that I am trying to make fresh and lights, almost like a light Pinot. It’s only 13.5% alcohol, and very aromatic. I fermented really cool. I try not to extract a ton and I don’t barrel aged for long- just seven months to try to retain all the freshness, keep all the primary fruit aromas and develop this cool bouquet of strawberry blast. I do a bit of lees stirring trying to soften it as much as I can. No rapid returns, just free to tank. And that’s about it. Don’t open the barrels.”

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