Zippy! Limey! Racy! 

This wine makes me want to use a lot of exclamations!

This wine is so dang refreshing, it may quench better than boring old water. Loads of lime yuzu, maybe even key lime pie since there is a smoothness on the finish. This wine makes me want to sit down with a giant pile of oysters and get to cracking! 

This wine was fermented and aged in flex tank and neutral barrels. Native yeasts, minimal sulfur. Malolactic fermentation as inhibited so it stays high and bright. 

40 cases produced

2021 Guthrie Faux Picpoul Blanc


These grapes come from the heralded Rorick Vineyard in Calaveras County. A haven for hipster winemakers, owner Matthew Rorcik has a 2000 foot-elevation vineyard in Calaveras outside the town of Murphys. It is situated on limestone soils beneath a top layer of schist that make the soils and the climate positively dreamy. 

Picpoul Blanc is native to the Languedoc region of Southern France, where it is largely planted today. Known for its racy acidity,  Picpoul translates to “lip stinger.” It can be added to a blend to increase acidity, or it can be made into a single varietal wine. Traditional notes on the palate for Picpoul wines include citrus and herbal flavors and strong minerality. In France, Picpoul is made into a crisp, light “green” wine. While in California, the grape shows more tropical flavors and a richer style with pear, pineapple, and spice. In France, most Picpoul wines are meant to be consumed young, however, in California, the richer style wines can age, developing more tertiary flavors. (This info was largely taken from this page, and more info can be found there.)

Well hello there.