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Ownroot Collective is a private membership that promotes entrepreneurial winemakers who are committed to the hustle of producing their own wine brands while they work for larger brands in their day jobs. 

Access rare, high-quality micro-production wines that you can not find unless you are truly an industry insider. 

We are building a transparent and authentic community of winemakers and winedrinkers to connect and share passion, vision, and purpose.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Full transparency.

Before a shipment, you’ll receive an email introducing exciting new winemakers and their wine brands.

What the winemakers have in common is that they each have a day job in the wine industry. They are winemakers, assistant winemakers, cellar workers, vineyard managers, and wine club managers. What they share is a passion for wine and the willingness to work tirelessly on their own brands. 

We send shipments four times a year – in March, May, September and November. Your wines will ship the week after the charge is processed, weather permitting. 

We know it isn’t romantic to follow the money, but here it is!

Margins are slim. We buy wines at 50% off. Shipping a case of wine costs roughly $90, a six pack costs $55. In the age of magical Amazon shipping, let’s do the math.

A $30 bottle costs us $15. Most people order a six pack. You buy it for $180. That leaves us with $87.30 after credit card fees. After we pay the trucking company and shipping fees, there is almost nothing left. 

We do subsidize shipping on anything over 6 bottles for Members. We offer 50% off shipping costs for Members ordering over 6 bottles.  

You can learn more about our shipping policies here

Great! If you buy wine from Ownroot Collective and you love it, buy more! We keep all the wine from the shipments, plus some, in the shop until the next shipment goes live, or the wine sells out. 

 After that, buy it from the winemaker. Go direct to the source! Also, send them an email and tell them you love their wine. Mention that you are a member of Ownroot Collective, they will be stoked to learn how you found out about their brand. 

Connect with them – they love hearing from you. Promise!

We do not believe these wines should be discounted. The brands you discover here are not cheaply made or produced. They are created with care, and they exist because someone put a lot on the line to make them. 

Someone worked their tail off finding a quality fruit source and a location to crush and produce their wines. After working a day job they went and racked barrels and produced their passion project from fruit to bottle in their free time.

These people did the work instead of hanging out with friends or binge watching Netflix. They maxed out their credit cards. They invested in themselves and their projects. 

Our mission is to honor their hard work and dedication, not discount it. Think of it like Fair Trade, but for wine. 

All kinds! 

While we often feature lesser known varietals such as Chenin Blanc or Carignan, we also look for more traditional varietals like Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. 

As of now, all wines featured are from California, but all regions are fair game. We hope to represent everywhere from the SoCal regions of Temecuala and the Santa Rita Hills up through Sonoma and Napa to the Northern regions of Mendocino and Humbolt – and everywhere in between. 

Pricewise, most wines offered range from $25-$45. 

The most important thing you need to remember is that we will only feature a wine that we would also buy at full price. We look for flavor, value, and character. If it isn’t great, it won’t be here. 

As you dive into wine knowledge, one of the tales that you will hear is one that shook the world of wine to its core: the rise and spread of a tiny little louse that eats the roots of grapevines, stunting the growth of the vines, and eventually killing them. If you really want to learn more, turn to the ever incredible Kellie White on sevenfifty here.

These days, most wine vines (Vinifera) are grafted on to a (usually American) rootstock (Americana). Americana vines are typically not susceptible to phylloxera. In lay terms, you take a hearty beast vine and slam a piece of cabernet on to it, stick it in the ground and voila, you have a cabernet. Some vineyard manager will have my head for that, but it’s the gist.

Some regions or soils, for a myriad of reasons, are uninhabitable for the louse. Places with sandy soils, super windy climates, super high salinity in soils, all keep that pesky louse out so vines can grow all by themselves. These vines are called own rooted because they are producing and thriving, unassisted.

We are the own rooted. Forging our own paths, redefining this poshy-posh  industry with truth, transparency and a load of fun. A collective, thriving. Won’t you join us?

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