The winemakers we feature are the backbone of the wine industry,
making and selling the wine you already love.

At wineries across America, people you will never meet are making the wines you love to drink. At each of these wineries there is someone who spends a hard-earned paycheck designing their own smaller wine brand.

These are the undiscovered superstars of the wine industry, with boots on the ground at some of the most popular and prestigious brands in the country. 

Ownroot Collective is a group of people driven by passion, curiosity, and devotion to the annual challenge of creating something delicious, complex and alive from these tiny little berries. 

Hey, I'm Terra Jane!

I live and work in the wine industry of Napa Valley. 

If you have visited Napa, I may have walked you through a vineyard. We may have sat at a picnic table and shared a glass. You may have seen me taking temps on a barrel stack. You may have gotten an email from me once you returned home. 

My bocce team plays in St. Helena on Thursdays (pre-COVID), and my favorite club is the Napa Tubin’ Society, currently on hiatus. 

Why should you trust me to find some of the most compelling wines being made by some of the most committed people in the industry? 

Because these are my people. I already know them, and I cannot wait to share them with you.


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