95 year old vines you guys! Medium bodied, earthy, loads of minerality. Big deep fruit tones of fresh cranberries, pomegranate, and tons of all the good peppercorns- white, black and pink. 

5 days cold soak with small sulphur addition. Indigenous yeast fermentation, no additions made. 10 day fermentation, 10 day maceration, gently pressed into barrels. Initially 50% neutral and 50% new french oak. Wine was transferred from new french oak to neutral after 3 months. 13 month oak ageing.

125 cases produced. 

2017 Ser Cabernet Pfeffer


Pfeffer has a funny story. Pat Wirz had this whole story that there was this great breeder William Pfeffer in the 19th century who bred Cabernet Sauvignon and Trousseau and it’s a hybrid grape and on and on. It’s the same story in the Jancis Robsinson books. But then we did genetic testing on it and it has no relation to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a synonym for a variety in southwest France called Mourtaou. I don’t know how rare it is there, and we don’t know why it became Pfeffer when it came here. Ryan Kobza has a label that he gets some of the Pfeffer from Pat Wirz and he calls his Mourtaou. I had always known it as Cabernet Pfeffer, so I thought I should keep it like this. 

People think it is going to be like Cabernet Sauvignon but it’s not really even close. For me what comes though in this grape to me is white pepper, pomegranate, cranberry.” 

-Nicole Walsh

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