Made in a Kabinett style, meaning picked at normal winemaking Brix rather than later for additional sugars. Aromatics through the roof. A classic example of Riesling, far more so than most that I have tasted from America. Classic aromas of petrol and green apple. Great acid, a stellar food wine. 

Whole cluster pressed to stainless steel. Indigenous yeast, aged 4 months in stainless steel, bottled prior to malolactic fermentation.

165 cases produced. 

2017 Ser Dry Riesling


“When I started Ser in 2012 I thought, wait a minute, what am I going to make? Why am i doing this?

Pat Wirz started with Bonny Doon in 2001, we were making a lot of Riesling back then. We used a lot of Washington grapes, and we even brought wine from Germany and blended with Wirz. We took all of his vineyard, it was 4 or 5 truckloads. When Randall sold Pacific Rim in 2009 everything moved up to Washington so they dropped Pat Wirz. I got in touch with him when I started Ser. He was who told me about Cabernet Pfeffer. The vines are going on 96 years old. He never ripped them out and no one was taking it but he told me to try it. 

The riesling vines are over 60 years old, dry farmed, head trained, organic, cool climate. It is not ready until way after the last fruit I bring in. In 2012 I took one ton and I asked him to pick for me when someone else picked. But the ton I got was not ready yet. It was my first wine, and it was almost undrinkable. So I made it sparkling, because I didn’t know what else to do. I did it in the traditional method. I made it in 16, and in 18. In 2017 I thought, I don’t want to only make sparkling, I want to make a dry still wine and I will spend more time in the vineyard and work with it a lot more hands on.”

-Nicole Walsh

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