This a delightful wine. It is balanced, crisp and lively. I feel like this is the Pinot Noir you want as a daily drinker. I get pomegranate and cherry, bergamot or lady grey tea. There is a bit of bay leaf and a little slate on the finish with really smooth tannins. 

This wine is 100% destemmed, half Runway and half Presqu’ile Vineyards, aged on the skins for 2 weeks and then put into 50% once used and 50% neutral barrels. Aged for 21 months and bottled fined and unfiltered. 

2019 Points West Piro Pinot Noir


“The idea was with the Points West is that the Presqu’ile is the skeleton, and the Runway is the flesh. The Presqu’ile barrels can be too austere and too structured to stand alone. The runway can be too opulent and juicy to stand alone. So you put them together and you’ve got structure and body.

Presqu’ile is feminine and kind of more on the burgundy side, whereas Runways has that more classic American Pinot Noir without being over the top, it has kind of slight robustness. I wanted two opposing wines. If you like Russian River wine you probably like the Runway. If you like French wine you probably like Presqu’ile. 

But everyone loves Points West.” – Marc

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