This is not a Rosé. It is a Viognier Plus. It has the texture and floral aromas of Viognier but a citrusy rose petal kind of thing happening from the addition of the Pinot Noir skins. This wine is interesting while still being refreshing. 

This wine was made as a white wine with organic Viognier grapes fermented natively and aged in neutral French oak barrels. It was then introduced to the skins of Pinot Noir for some time and voila! 

100 cases produced

2020 Guthrie Kisses Pink Viognier


Yes, Viognier is a white grape. Yes, this wine is pink.

I don’t think I can explain it any better than Blair himself:

“The technique was established in the Veneto region, where the term “Ripasso” sounds like and in fact means “repassed.” That refers to its production process whereby regular, fermented Valpolicella (red wine) is added to a cask containing the skins and lees left over from recently fermented Amarone wines. The process of adding (or “repassing”) the lighter Valpolicella wine over the remainders of the “bigger” Amarone wine imparts additional color, texture and flavor to the Valpolicella wine. Now simply substitute that for Viognier wine over Pinot Noir skins, and you have pink Vio! A happy little valentine’s disco ball in a glass, if you will.”

Blair had been wanting to do a Ripasso for a while and when he got this Viognier it just seemed like the right thing to do. We dig it.

Well hello there.