Remember those chocolate covered cherries your Gramma gave you? How they would explode in your mouth with sweet cherry and bitter chocolate? This wine took me there. It leads with Grenadine and roses and then runs into raspberry, cassis and fruit leather. I am shocked at how much I like this wine, since I would normally think I would hate a Cab – Syrah blend but there is precision here. Well done, high definition winemaking. 

These sustainably farmed grapes were de-stemmed and enjoyed native yeast fermentation. It was aged for 8 months in neutral French oak barrels and bottled unfined and unfiltered, so vegan. 

45 cases produced. 


2020 Puppione Soren Cuvée


The inspiration for the Soren came from when I worked in imports for Martines wines. One of the wines we brought in was Domaine de Trévallon, a cult wine that is usually 50/50 Cab/Syrah. It was mind boggling to me. When I tasted Trévallon, that was one of those moments where I was like, I didn’t know you could do that! I’m not saying that I think our Soren is at the level of Trévallon, but it definitely inspired me.

I have Alexander Valley right here that has some really great Cabernet sites.  What if we bring those together? So that’s that’s how Soren came about.  The Cab for the Soren is from this little farm in Alexander Valley called Fiore Estate. He has mostly Cab with a few rows of Syrah. We pick them, ferment them separately, and then blend them to make the roughly 50/50.”


Well hello there.