This wine is juicy as hell. You can drink it without needing to have any conversation about it because you are just too busy drinking it. With a pheromone nose of lavender, Crème de Violet, and blackberry coulis, this wine has fine tannins and a long, sexy finish. One comment at our tastings was, “this wine is like making out in a Victoria’s Secret locker room after a Bikram class.” 

This wine lightly pressed and allowed to fermentation naturally. Aged in neutral barrels for ten months before being bottle unfined and unfiltered, so vegan. 

75 cases produced. 

2021 Little x Little Carignan


Will had a client at Thumbprint who had a contract with them. I say contract, but that’s a handshake vineyard. They brought in the fruit in 2020, and they were worried about smoke taint. It was already in and so we said we would take it. It was a a bet that it would not tainted, and the bet paid off. We got it half price, which was great, but really it was just a way to get into the vineyard. Even if it had been tainted, it wasn’t that much money to lose to get into that vineyard.”

Well hello there.