This wine is a zinger. You have not met Zin like this before. It is floral and juicy with a bangin sweet tart finish. It has phenomenal texture and while it is floral and light, it has plenty of stuffing to keep it poppin’. Do yourself a favor and let it open an hour and then watch out. 

This wine was de-stemmed and then Adam added about 10% of the stems back in for it’s native fermentation. It was then aged in neutral French oak for 10 months. Unfined and unfiltered, so vegan. 64 cases produced. Let it open for an hour for extra enjoyment. Bazinga! 

2021 Perch Zinfandel


The Zinfandel comes from another really special vineyard in Amador County in the Shenandoah Valley AVA. It’s called Fox Creek. They have some of the last remaining Centennial vines left in Amador County. I wanted to make some Zinfandel, and I wanted to make old vine Zinfandel. My buddy told me about this little tiny block of forgotten Zin up in this vineyard, they just didn’t have the time to rip it out. I went up and asked about it and they said, it’s all yours. The 2020 was 100% from that block. And then in 2021 I had to supplement with a little bit of fruit from a younger, 80 year old block of Zin that’s across the creek. There is so much history to this place. The beginning of Montevina was there. The Massoni’s owned it before that and they planted it in the late 1800s, early 1900s. They farmed it until Cary Gott’s father-in-law, Walter Fields, bought the vineyard for them to start Montevina. Joel Gott grew up there. There’s pictures of him on the tractor, in the vineyard and stuff like that. It’s part of that history there. 

There’s no whole cluster on the Zinfandel. Although, with the ‘21 I included 10% stems back into the fermentation after I de-stemmed it, because I knew that the sugars were low, and I knew that the wine was going to need a little something extra to give it some structure. I didn’t want the wine to be one dimensional. I didn’t want it to be just tart and pretty, I wanted it to also have a little stuffing in it too. I feel like that was the right decision. There’s a little bit more structure to the wine and more body, which I think has helped make the wine what it is.”

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