Fresh off the bottling line, this rosé is bright strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, lemongrass and thyme. Like a valedictorian who doesn’t take herself too seriously, this rosé is for food, for the pool, sneak it into a festival in your backpack or spill the tea with friends. 

All summer long. That’s this friend. Enjoy. 

Native ferments, no malo, filtered before bottling. 

148 cases produced. 

2021 Post & Vine Rosé of Carignane


“The rosé is Carignan from Sandy Lane vineyard in Contra Costa. It has incredibly deep, incredibly well drained, sandy soils. The vineyard was planted around the turn of the century, so 120 year old vines, ownrooted.

The sprawl has moved in around these old vineyards over the years. There are just little sections that were bigger at one point. I want to highlight these incredible vineyards that are really interesting. I started making this in 2019, so this is the third vintage of the rosé and I’m really happy with it. 

I like the brightness of the fruit, the mouthwatering acidity, combined with their savory undertones and a medium body. It’s not a light body rosé, it’s got some weight, it’s got some texture and some flavor but it has that beautiful thirst quenching, mouthwatering effect. It works both as this cold crushable by the pool wine, and with food. I’ve been putting it with chicken tagine. 

I love the rosé from the Sandy Lane vineyard. You can get flavor without any heaviness. Don’t have to wait for it to be ripe for the sugar to get higher. Carignan doesn’t tend to get much sugar right or so it makes really nice rosé.”



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