Alright where are the Whispering Angel fans out there? Get ready for a new love, baby. This is the Rosé of my dreams. This Provençal style love bug is all watermelon rind, pineapple sage and unripe strawberries. Pair with some gazpacho and boom you have yourself a summer. 

This wine was whole cluster pressed and aged in stainless for 8 months. No fining, vegan. 

365 cases produced. 

2021 Shypoke Rosé of Charbono


Charbono makes a glorious cluster. It’s ridiculous. If you can imagine an oil painting from the 1700s with a reclining nude voluptuous woman and silver tray with cheeses and a cluster of grapes, the cluster of grapes is Charbono. The awesome men and women that pick the grapes, they’ve been picking Cab all summer and they are tired of it, for Cab it takes so many little cuts and slices and scissor snips to fill a bucket. Sure. When they pick Charbono they’re literally weary of grapes and then they’re literally finding the biggest most beautiful clusters and taking selfies and smiling and joyful. It is actually kind of ridiculous. It’s also impressive that the wine is so dark and brooding, because normally the geometry of the berry has so much to do with how intense the wine is, but not in this case.”

Well hello there.