2022 Filomena Cabernet Pfeffer, High Camp Vineyard


Cabernet Pfeffer is grown in very very few places in the world. In France it’s known as Mourtaou/Mancin, an old variety from Bordeaux, which was brought to California by a botanist in the 19th century before it was be wiped out by phylloxera in its native vineyards. There are less than 15 known acres of it in the world. There was a story that it was named Pfeffer for its peppery qualities, and there is a story that it may be named for the man who sold the cuttings to vineyards Cienega Valley, though there is no record of him actually coming this far (his nursery was in Saratoga).

All the historic acreage in California was planted at around the same time, in the 1920’s, at four vineyards currently namds Enz, Wirz, Gemelli and DeRose. There have been some new plantings going in, including this one at High Camp in Paso, and Luke’s next source Siletto Vineyard which is nearby the Enz Vineyard.

We have been lucky to feature several Cabernet Pfeffers, which is a variety that I am still learning about as it grows in popularity and hipness. You can read more about the history and the hipness here or here.

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