Shipping Info

We ship to most places in the US that allow reception of wine from out of state. If we cannot ship to you and this makes you angry or sad, please call your state representative and ask them to amend your state’s Alcohol laws.

A while. We don’t ship fast. We don’t get the wine from the winery until after the offer ends. It takes a week to get the wine from the winemakers warehouse to the fulfillment center and then a few days to pack and ship. The good news is everyone who participates in an offer gets their wine at the same time so we can all do the virtual tasting together! 

Yep. Federal law states that all alcohol shipments require a signature from someone 21 years or older. We suggest shipping to a business- your place of work, or a FedEx or UPS store. Most Walgreens now take FedEx deliveries which is pretty great. 

Many things can hold up a wine shipment. The most likely is weather. In the event it is too hot or too cold to ship your wine safely we will hold it. Keep in mind that wine is a living thing and it is sensitive to extreme temperatures and prolonged movement.

Please know there are a slew of us trying to get your wine to you safely and quickly. Thank you for your patience! 

Bummer! Let us know and we will have the winemaker ship you a replacement. [email protected]

We really don’t want wine to be sent back to us. We send you an email when your order ships with the tracking number. UPS and FedEx both make three attempts to deliver an item before it goes back to their warehouse. If you catch it, sometimes you can still pick it up before it get sent back to us. If a package is returned, the customer is responsible for new shipping costs. Here is why. It costs $80 or more to ship a case of wine, and it costs us $30 to have it returned. For a $20 charge, we are now out $110 on a case. If we reship it on us we would be up to almost $200, and we are now losing money. Bad for business, my friends. 

Well hello there.